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Risk Management and Lending Training Program

The training program that we have developed for banks is based on international standards and also takes into account the best practices of modern banking in the CIS. This program consists of the following workshops (2-3 days duration each):

· Foundations of Banking Risks Management (GARP Risk Certification Program)
· Organization of risk management in the bank. Basic functions, policies, and procedures.
· Credit processes for corporate customers and SMEs.
· Monitoring and control of credit and loan administration of corporate and SME customers in banks
· Credit Factory: what is needed for effective retail lending?
· The system of credit rules and decision-making in retail lending
· Development of the application scoring for private individuals and private entrepreneurs (PC based)
· Development of the application scoring for SMEs (PC based)
· The use of credit scoring in lending strategies - business implementation (PC based)
· Pre-processing of data for scoring systems (PC based)
· Development of behavioral scoring (PC based)
· Collection-scoring and Early Warning System: development and strategy (PC based)
· Validation, calibration and audit systems of credit ratings (PC based)
· Modeling of use and revenue of credit lines (PC based)
· The application of statistics and modeling in Colection in retail lending (PC based)
· The application of statistics and modeling in the management of retail client segments (PC based)
· Credit analysis companies of SME segment (with cases)
· NPL Management - Organization and management of Soft Collection and Hard Collection

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