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13.02.20 - 14.02.20

Scoring and Its Application in Lending Strategies (Computer-Based)

The seminar covers the classical methodology of developing models of application and behavioral credit scoring, the use of scoring in lending strategies to make decisions on issuance, limit strategies, risk pricing, evaluating the response to advertising campaigns, organizing cross-sales and optimizing the collection service.

Participants will go through the main stages of scoring building, validation, calibration and business implementation with examples in MS Excel.

The purpose of this workshop is:
• participants gain practical skills in developing statistical scoring models for borrowers - individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises;
• familiarization with the methods of processing and preparation of primary data for forecasting models;
• training on validation and calibration of scoring models;
• obtaining by participants of new practical knowledge and skills on applying credit scoring in lending strategies;
• testing by participants of these tasks on computers in MS Excel.

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